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I was just (yesterday) gifted an old Toika loom and am beginning my research on how to set up this beauty. I have two jack looms, so this is my first experience with a CM. This Toika is so old, it's actually a Toijalan Kaidetehdas (see attached photos). The only thing I know about CM tie-ups is that there seem to be a few different methods out there. This loom was tied up with some sort of old cord/linen stuff, so I will need to invest in Texsolv and the plastic bits used in attaching, but I don't know exactly how much I will need. I would love some advice on knowledge resources I should be reviewing as I work my way through learning how to set up and operate this loom. Do I need to start with basic CM info, is there anything I should be considering specific to this loom, what are various tie-ups I should be considering, etc. Thank you in advance for any insights!




Joanne Hall's book, Tying up the Countermarche Loom is very helpful.

ibiwisialpacas (not verified)

Thank you! I ordered that yesterday and am looking forward to receiving it! 

Missus T.


I have a newer Liisa.  Webs in Northampton, Mass. -- Barbara Elkin especially -- is an importer of all things Toika, including tie-up kits and accessories.  They may be able to help you a lot.  Good luck!



I have a copy of the manual for the 1970s Toika Liisa. I think I might have the only copy as I have scanned it and emailed it to quite a few people.  PM me with your email if you would like me to send it to you


I have a dismantled version of that loom that I want to sell . I am in Australia. I would really appreciate an email version of the manual that I could print here if you have a digital version.

If not could I pay for a scan?

I will find it easier to sell with the correct manual. Blessings


Could you please contact me about this manual. I have been gifted one of the these looms and need to put it together without any pictures.

Liz Doyle

[email protected]  I am in Australia.

[email protected]

I am really hoping you are still an active member and can send me a copy of the manual you have. A couple guild members and myself have acquired an older Liisa loom with the blue steel beams and are having no success in finding written guidance. We are hoping to put it together next week to determine if we have all of the parts, but if we are missing anything, that manual would be a godsend.

Thanks in advance,



As a newbie to CM looms, the tieup was a confusing for me. Once you 'get-it' you're on your way. Remember - "up is down and down is up", meaning the upper lamm lowers shafts, lower lamm raises shafts. That will help you.

I was advised to start with 4 shafts; basic tieup:  1-2, 2-3, 3-4, 1-4. Or even plain weave; 1-3, 2-4. Get that under your belt. It will allow you to check for shed opening, floor levelness and height of the beater and make adjustments to see what fixes what, without getting too mixed up in cords. I was also advised to tieup two extra treadles just for weight balance. It does help - even tho you don't need those treadles. Tie them up to anything, like plain weave. You also need to tieup with a warp on and under tension. That will also help you to check your line through the heddles. 

Take it slow and undeerstand you will likely need to climb inside a few times. Find the easiest route and master your entrance. Mine is easiest to climb into from the right rear - near the warp beam. I think you'll love the loom once you get the feel for it. They're very quiet and easy to treadle and they're very strong too. Enjoy. You'll be weaving in no time!

I did put a treadle gate on mine to keep the treadles separated. My feet are too wide to feel the treadles.

ibiwisialpacas (not verified)

Thanks to all those who have posted with suggestions. They are very helpful and I greatly appreciate the input!

Sara von Tresckow

The name on the loom beater is the same as today - there is no basic difference between your loom and the current Liisa (that is the model you have). A precut tieup kit should work on your loom - those "old unidentified cords" are linen loom cord - today a precious commodity as the you tie knots in this material, you can always work them back our and they are sized and pre-stretched. A mainstay of weavers before Texsolv. Toika still sells it and is the only supplier I know.

A copy of Laila Lundell's "Big Book of Weaving" will be most helpful as it is plentifully illustrated with tips on how best to use a loom like you have. 

If you look at my web site - - you will find suggestions for tying up the cm loom in a way that does not make you "crawl in the loom".

Joanne Hall

Sara is right about crawling into the loom.  So, for the first warp, don't make a wide one, just in case you need to get down there later on to adjust treadle cord lengths.  It is fortunate that these old looms usually have holes in the lamms and treadles which are about the right size for the Texsolv cord and pins.  Have fun with your loom.


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