Caroline (not verified)

The rigid heddle is warped up as for plain weave. The warps through the eyes become shaft 2, the warp through the slits are picked up alternativly as sheds 1 and 3, see photo:

view of shafts one and three through the string heddles

emhoog (not verified)

This looks really nice. Thank you for sharing this.

BonnieI (not verified)

This draft can be woven easily on a 4-shaft loom. Your reason for using 6 shafts is a good one. Thanks for explaining this. You might also post the 4-shaft draft so it will come up when people search for 4.

You might need to add weight to the white and green supplementary warp threads because they interlace much less frequently than the blue warp threads. You can probably do this at the back of the loom when needed.

You could experiment with weaving a twill background, perhaps a broken twill, along with the supplementary warp design. Your sett is probably for plain weave but a sample could be fun. Twill would give a more even distribution of warp tension but would change the look and feel of the cloth.

La Lasko (not verified)

Thanks for your response and assistance, Deb. I do appreciate your help. Sorry it's taken me awhile to get back to this. I'm capable of reading your draft. My question is in regards to the fluff. Because of the poor construction of the upholstery remnants; as you can view in my previous photo, shall I take individual pieces of the remnant from the sewn factory stitching, (ie.  3" pieces of colored upholstery) and individually place each 3" upholstery piece into the warp and then beat rather than throwing the wound weft in the shuttle stick ? This would allow me to have the fluff affect, however, it's also very time consuming. Thanks for your time, Leslie

La Lasko (not verified)

for your advice and wisdom. I'll learn much from this rug, surely.

Best wishes !

Claudia Segal (not verified)

i'm not sure yet.  I just loved the draft and, like you, felt it was a lot of design with few floats and only 4 shafts.  It begs contrast like black and white or red and yellow.  I would love to make placemats using this draft.  


aubeweave (not verified)

Looks fantastic! But I've got to buy a new loom ...

Aunt Janet (not verified)

I have no idea how you are weaving such an interesting piece!  I see words, but can't make them out.  It doesn't look like "happiness", though.  What will it say?  Curiosity.

TNWEAVE (not verified)

like the design, I am weaving a similar design ona wool scraf, may try your design on the next one.

chrysdef (not verified)

Hi Tien 

I was able to reproduce the draft and played with it a bit and are now weaving some dishtowel with the pattern.  Turning out just fine - thank you so very much for sharing your talent with me. 

Warm regards,