Hello,  I bought a used Toika 8S/8T Liisa loom.  I am having trouble understanding how to tie the shaft cords to the lams to the treadles.  There are 17 holes on each lam, upper and lower.  So what holes do you put the shaft cords in relationship to the shafts from the center?

Thank you for any assistance.

Hello!  I just purchased this loom with the intention of bringing it back to life and using it.  I thought it was a Leclerc Mira or M Series, but after looking at it a little more closely, it doesn't thave any manufacturer marks or symbols and I'm now unsure of what I have.  Anyone recognize it?  Information appreciated.  I can provide additional info or photos, if needed.  Thanks!


Peg Looms (also called Stick Looms) and Weaving Sticks are so simple to use that anyone can create beautiful and useful woven items.  You can achieve amazing results using familiar and unusual materials: yarns, unspun fleece, new and recycled fabrics…even plastic bags and old hosiery.

The type of Peg Looms that we discuss in this group are the type with removable pegs, as opposed to stationary pegs on a frame.

With these techniques, you can create afghans & blankets, rugs & doormats, wall hangings, scarves, handbags  & tote-bags, belts, cushion covers, chair pads, baskets, and more.

Peg Looms and Weaving Sticks are used with great success by students of all ages. Those coping with learning difficulties also can benefit considerably.

Peg Loom and Weaving Stick weaving are great for recycling. Use oddments of wool, leftover fabric scraps, strips cut from unwanted clothing, unspun fleece, plastic bags – almost anything. Only the bounds of your imagination can limit you!

Until I can get more photos and projects posted here on Weavolution, you can see more information on my blog by clicking the following links:

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