Finished objects.

Previously, Michelle talked about how her daughter was weaving a rug. Her younger daughter also wants to weave one, but all we had left was white rug yarn. So we dyed it. It's red, fuschia and purple.

I'd be interested in knowledable comments on the Weavebird vs. AVL compu dobby looms.  I've been talking to other weavers, but haven't found anyone who has used them both and can really compare them.

So if you have used them both, how do you compare their ease in setting up a warp?   Ease of weaving?  How "touchy" are they to work with?   Customer support from the manufacturer or distributor?   Etc., etc.


PS.   I guess I'm leaving out the Louet product line, so if your have used their compu dobby plus one of the others, those comments would be useful also.


Could Daniel123's spam entry be deleted?