Lauries (not verified)

I am not sure the tie-up is right I'll have to check at home. Will change it if needed. I checked and it was wrong. Corrected today.

Claudia Segal (not verified)

It's a really good reource, I'm sure you won't regret it. I used the book for 2 years before I read the first several pages of introduction. There is very valuable information in the opening chapter and I recommend reading it. Claudia

aubeweave (not verified)

Beautiful dishtowel Sally. Nice to match plates you have. Like the pattern in stripes. Many possibilities in the pattern. Is it a huckaback? Couldn't se the wif. Weavers Exchange is a good and new idea to me.

Lauries (not verified)

I put the information on this time.

weave2 (not verified)

Hi Jeannine,

How is this treadled? I really like it and would like to know so I may weave it.

Thank you,


weave2 (not verified)


Thank you for posting this.  Is it the treadling for a rising shaft loom or a sinking shed?




jeannine (not verified)

hi weave2,

sorry for the late answer.The treadling is the same as the treading. The treadling is on the picture too. Normaly if you click on the picture you will see the whole draft in a new window. If not let me know .

B P (not verified)

Good luck with your weaving! Hope you post a pic of the finished purse.


hottoddie (not verified)

Hi! It's hard to figure  out just what makes this a 'budget' shawl. Did you use up 'leftovers'?

hottoddie (not verified)

Hi! may I ask, is this a sampler,runner, blanket etc? what materiels did you choose to use? length, width? While it would be nice to have a photo, we all know that it's hard to do it. So.. it really is helpful to have all of the info! thanks