how do you weave with bluejean rags? i have been cutting them l/2 inch wide and just laying the strip in and beating it. i see a lot of rugs on the internet that look as if they had folded or rolled bluejean rags. how wide is the strip? is it folded before it is put on a shuttle, or folded as it is laid into the warp, or rolled or what? i don't like what my rags do sometimes, just fold halfway up and stick out.


Oregon Weaver

Hi Ellen,

I've made several bluejean rag rugs and you can really do what you want as far as folding or not folding. It just depends on the look you want to acheive. 

I set my warp at 12 epi and use 8/4 cotton carpet warp. I cut the strips 1" wide using the length of the pant leg. Using four shafts, I thread a straight draw (1/2/3/4, 1,2,3,4). I don't typically fold the strips, but if some decide to roll under a bit, I just let them. The roughness of a blue jean rug is part of its charm:) 





Hi Ellen:

I don't particularly like the thick, stiffness of denim.  I've tried all widths and have settled on 1/2" strips.  I just lay them in and let them do what they will. The strips are narrow enough that you don't notice the folding or twisting much. It just looks like varigation in color.



I've started collecting blue jeans, and also old receiving blankets. I remember reading online about tearing the strips instead of cutting them, and apparently at just 1/2 inch wide, but seems like the fabric would fall apart instead of making nice strips.

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