I joined up after a long time of not weaving.  I was last on a loom back in 1999 in college.  I loved it.  I bought a large 48 inch weaving width loom back about five years ago but it needed repairs I was unable to do myself.  It still sits back at my Parents house in Rochester NY.  Recently the bug to weave bit me hard.  My Husband took me out for my Birthday to a local yarn shop and we ordered in a Schacht 8 harness Mighty Wolf folding floor loom!  Now I am out trying to gather more knowledge.  I wanted to see if other weavers from the Southeast Valley area outside of Phoenix wanted to share drafts, stories, tips & tricks, thoughts, musings, and friendship.  I look forward to hearing from people!  Smile



OK, I am butting into the Pheonix-area group, where I do not live, but I wanted to tell you about IWC - the intermountain weavers conference.  I have not attended in the past, but I did sign up for this year.  Others in my guild go every year and they just love it.

I, too, took a fairly long hiatus (~15yrs), and weavolution helped me to get back in.  I know you can do it - and I look forward to seeing your projects and discussing weaving.

Amanda Bielski…

Thanks Queezle for that information!  I will look into that.