I am slightly more knowledgeable since I first joined this group. I didn't know, for example, that ''worsted'' refers to the weight of the cotton yarn rather than how it was spun. I was very confused about the use of the term ''worsted''.

Anyway, I have always used finer yarns-generally 8/2 and have only chosen the heavier stuff for demos. Recently I decided to weave an entire project with heavy yarn and it was so much fun being able to sit down at my loom and turn out a completed project in one day!! I made something very practical for me-a backstrap. Now I have my own hand woven sturdy, firm and very comfortable backstrap and I am planning to make more (to sell, I hope!). In the meantime, I have discovered other nice projects with this heavy yarn-a guitar strap, a belt, and key fobs-I even made a shoulder bag-all flying off the loom in no time!!

So here I am a NEW fan of worsted weight yarns.



francorios (not verified)

Did you put a picture of the shoulder bag on projects yet?

I just finished a washcloth on backstrap loom. It only took about 4 hours, 2 hours for warping and twining, 2 hours for weaving.

Loominaria (not verified)

 'Worsted' can refer to both a yarn weight (in the U.S. mostly) and how wool yarn is prepared before spinning and plying. It can also refer to the fabric made from worsted-wool yarn.  Ain't English fun?  Worsted-wool yarn is spun from long-staple, combed wool and is smoother than woolen-spun yarn, which has the fibres going every-which-way.  Worsted-wool yarn is usually preferred over woolen-spun for warp, since it is smoother and stronger.

bolivian warmi

Yeah, that's why  I was confused-I knew what it meant when talking about WOOL but didn't know how that related to cotton.

Thanks for the explanation!

bolivian warmi

A 4-hour project-that's great. This took a bit longer because I wove the body of the bag and then had to do the strap and sides.

I haven't put it up on the projects page yet as it is part of my WeaveZine article and I want to wait until a bit closer to publication date. Here is a sneak preview!!

Caroline (not verified)

Hi Franco, Laverne and all. I thought I'd look in and see whats going on.

I want to get my tri-loom out of mothballs and use up some of the cotton yarns I have lying around and make some cushion covers, and also use up some of my stash. I can use the cottons to make potholders as well.

After saying that the only yarns I could find in my local craft shop were too thick and soft for another project, I went back to have a closer look - they were gone! You would think with summer coming up here in Australia, the one thing they would have on display is cotton yarn! So stash-busting is it, lol! Makes room for some more........................

francorios (not verified)

That's a great bag!

I can hardly wait for the Weavzine article!

Have a good day!

djfiberarts (not verified)

Beautiful bag! What type of loom did you use?


bolivian warmi

Thanks! I wove it on my backstrap loom. It is warp faced. I made this to give ideas for beginner projects to go with my WeaveZine article on backstrap weaving. Here's a link to the article if you would like to take a look....


PattyAnne (not verified)

I LOVE this bag!!!  (Your kitty is precious too!)

bolivian warmi

Thank you! Ozzie cat is somewhat unimpressed right there at being used to prop up the bag!



I just discovered this group (7/4/10) and thought I would share a picture of an 8/2 cotton tea towel.


francorios (not verified)


What is that pattern?

Have a good day!

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