Welcome to the TOIKA and Varpa loom group

Having had both Toika and Varpa looms and as both manufacturers are similar I thought it might be interesting to open a group.  There are many resources out there for Glimakra looms but not much in the way of TOIKA or Varpa.  Varpappu looms are not longer available in the USA unless purchased used, I am not sure if the company still exists overseas.  Toika and Varpa looms share the characteristics of being made from light birch which has a clear varnish coat,  this helps maintain the blonde look of the wood.  The wood feels more dense and is much heavier than the pine of the Glimakra.  The Toika/Varpa looms also use some metal hardware in addition to using peg construction.  The Toika/Varpa looms are more compact than the Glimakra yet provide the same generous weave widths.  That is not to say any of these traits make it more or less of a loom than the Glimakra, they are just different.

TOIKA now manufactures a computerized version of their Lisa and Eeva looms which allows computer control of 16 or 24 harness.  This computer unit can be added to an existing TOIKA loom and may be added to other Swedish style looms with some minor modification.

WEBS (yarn.com) and the owners the Elkins are most helpful if you wish to obtain more information regarding Toika looms and equipment.  The Mannings of PA also sell TOIKA.  Toika manufactures a variety of weaving equipment and supplemental accessories.  I myself own some of their shuttles and temples, the parts of these temples are interchangeable for multiple weave widths which I find usefull.  The loom I currently own is the 120cm Eeva, overhead beater, 8 shafts, 10 treadles, worm gear warp advance,  It not only is aesthetically pleasing but heavy, durable and comfortable to use.