Just wondering if people were hanging out here, wanting to talk weaving?



Reading Anni Albers. Working on a challenge weave for one of my guilds. Amazed at all the new ways weavers have been connecting this past year!


Yesss!! Laura I use so many of the tips I learned from you every day I weave! I am hanging out here and would love the chat!



I was loaned a tabletop Schacht 4 Shaft Loom. I am new to weaving. The 16" metal reed is rusted. Not being my loom, I didn't want to soak it, and try to restore the reed The reed is a 12 epi.

The Reed measures 16" the Heddle widths are 15". Looking online to replace the reed, I cannot find a 16" length. Looking for some insight, on what to purchase.


Thank you! 




Schacht still makes table looms, so if you're in doubt about the reed fitting they are your best bet for purchasing a new reed. Their site says their table looms are 15" weaving widths. You can always purchase a smaller (narrower) reed for use with a loom, just not a wider one.

Have you checked with the original owner to ask their thoughts on trying to clean/soak the rusty one?

If you do just want to purchase a new reed you can try finding a dealer on the Schacth site https://www.schachtspindle.com/product/stainless-steel-reeds/

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