Hi I'm new to weaving and have just got an old Harris folding loom which I understand is a countermarch loom, it came put together but not tied up. I have no idea of how to do a treadle tie up, it has 8 treadles and is a four shaft, can I just start with a tabby on two treadles and leave the others untied? Also does it matter if I tie the treadles from the left or the right ( looking at the loom) ? It came with out a manual so I'd love to be able to label the pieces on the loom.


thanks for your help Joan 



The Glymakra website has information on tying up a CM loom.  You can use less shafts than you have, but to get the shafts and lamms to balance, you may have to tie up all of them, and just use as many as you want.  Usually, if you want to weave plain weave and have four shafts, you use all four.  It is easier and distributes the warp better.  Left or right does matter with the treadles because you will want to tie up to a weaving draft, and you will not get the pattern you are looking for if you don't tie it up as written.

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