Tie up Eeva loom

Hi, i just joined so perhaps the question is an old one but I cannot find it (yet?). The trees and the forest. I have woven now on and off about 10 years. Mostly boundweave on an Eeva loom. I can setup from scratch the normal way using the initial instructions from Toika and the Big book of weaving. I came across new tie up methods on internett e.g. by using beads. Now I read also answers about a method in which you have cords going from treadle through both lams. It would give you flexibility, spare you backpain and more. However I cannot find a basic description of this system only reactions. It involves long cords. Can anyone explain? I am getting difficulties spending much time crowded under my loom instead of weaving. Thanks. 



If you have a countermarche loom, you may want to look into a 20+ from Woolhouse Tools. It moves the tie up to a panel at the back of the loom.  There are a couple of different ways to make the tie up easier, but I think that the 20+ is the best, fastest, and most accurate.  The 20+ name comes from adding 20 years to the weaving life of someone with an 8+ shaft countermarche loom.


How you attach the cords between the treadles and the lamms is up to you.  There are many different ways and each attaching method has advantages and disadvantages.  I find using the instructions from Texsolv is the easiest and best for me.

The important thing is to get the cords the correct length to give you a clean shed.

The most common mistake made in the tie-up is to tie the treadles up too high.  When you press on a treadle, it should touch the floor, or nearly touch the floor when your shed is large enough.  This gives you the most space for the lamms to move and not touch the shafts or the treadles.



Thanks. I think the 20+ is too elaborate and expensive. It would cost a fortune too send to Norway and I don't even know if I would like it. Thinking about long cords going through both lams I think I get how that should work. I will try to attach cords from treadle up through both lams and a bit longer. If I want to use that specific lam, I will place a straight splint on top. The other lam won't be affected as the cord is either going through it (lower lam) or not pulled down because the cord was longer then  needed if you wanted to pull it down (upper lam). If I use cords through all the holes, they can always hang there when I don't use them. Should save a lot of time tie-ing up especially if I mark the places on the cords where the splint should go when the treadle/lam is going to be used. Just have to weave a bit first to be sure of the right hole. Sometimes you have to ask a question to find an answer. :-) . If I am thinking wrong, please tell me because I just ordered new cord and will start cutting it up when it arrives.

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