Does anyone know if a tension box for use with sectional weaving that maintains the cross?  I know that this is generally not necessary with small sections (I have used the "making tape" method) but when there is a color order and a very high EPI, it would be helpful if I could maintain the cross that gets created when I put the yarns in the tension box in the first place.

Does anyone know of a tension box that will accomplish this?

I would want to use the box with a Glimarkra Standard loom.



danteen (not verified)

I googled the tension box and found this in the Glimakra U.S.A.  catalog.

Tension Box

The Glimakra tension box pictured above, attaches to the back beam for sectional warping. The box includes a counter so that you can keep track of the amount wound on.  It also includes a lease cross maker, an adjustable tensioning dowel to make the tension you need on the threads, a reed to spread the warp as it enters the tension box, a reed to spread the warp to the correct width to put it on the beam and an extension to get the second reed closer to the beam.  It attaches to the back beam and is easy to move along as you fill each section.  It is a professional, functional tension box.


Thanks for the legwork. This is interesting because I spoke with the folks at Glimakra USA several months ago and they told me that their tension box wouldn't keep a cross. I'll check in with them again. I'd love to hear from someone who has or has used the Glimakra tension box.

Thanks again!




I don't recall if it keeps a cross, but all I do is beam the sections, secure lease sticks on the back beam by letting them hang down a little below the beam with texsolv and feed the taped ends of each section alternating each section in the sticks to make a cross that way. So if there are 30 ends per section, the cross is in 30 end groups. Even if your doing color changes in the warp, it still works, because the ends have been taped side by side. Heck that's easy, try it with different colors on two beams to add to the complexity if that seems hard. I have seen Joanne Hall use a string to needle through the section before cutting the ends from the box to group some ends for a cross, say 8 in group. I have done this to. But quite frankly I quit doing it and just feed the taped ends of each section alterating each. The taped ends keeps the yarn in reasonable order. Once I have the ends in the sticks I secure the sticks so that one is flat on top of the beam and the other hangs toward the inside of the loom. I then unwind off the beam a little at a time and pull the ends, this evens things up before I thread. I unwind enough to have the groups touch the floor. I thread inside my loom on a bench with my harnass susended at the back. I've been doing this successfully for a long time.


The LeClerc tension box, because it has 2 reeds instead of a reed and a board with holes in it allows you to keep the cross.  I suspect any tension box that does not force you to thread each end individually through a hole would work.


Would you be able to provide a photo of the cross with the Leclerc tension box?  



I have a leclerc tension box and it definitely allows me to MAKE the cross in the first place.  This is exactly why I'd like to keep the cross, having gone to the trouble of making it in the first place, it seems like a waste to just throw it away.

So the problem may well be me.  I can't figure out how to use the LeClerc to move the cross to the other side of the railing on the leClerc and how to keep it once I've cut off the section from the spools. 

Do you know of any instructional videos or write ups on this techique?

Reed Guy,

Thanks for the detailed explanation.  I'm not sure I fully understand it, but I'm going to read through it a couple of times more to see if I can grasp it completely.

Many thanks to you both.


I guess I don't understand where you made the cross. If I'm winding from spools through a tension box there is no cross. I make the cross with the grouped sections after it is wound. It takes me very little time to feed taped groups through lease sticks. If your using a warping wheel or square than you can make a cross on those gadgets.


Thanks ReedGuy.

In the LeClerc tension box, you can make the cross as you feed the threads into the tension box by alternating the pattern used to take the threads through the tension rods inside the box.  This is useful because with a dense warp it keeps the thread from crossing over on each other while being beamed.  The challenge has been to move that cross to outside the box and keep in when the warp section is cut off from the spools.

It turns out that Danteen was right.  (Thank you!)  I checked again with the Glimakra folks (who didn't have a tension box in stock when I called last time, but did today.)  They were kind enough to open up the box and indeed, YES, their tension box allows you to make and keep a cross.

It's a pricey tension box, but it can do what I need done.  I ordered it and I can let you know how it works once I get it and put on a warp with it.

Thanks again to all for the help and good thoughts.  Excited to (potentially) have a solution!


I've been using an AVL Tension box since 1990 - - it is the best tool I've seen for making a cross in each section.


I make a wrap around the first dowel in my box going over the top, then uder the next and over a third. The threads never jump when winding in my experience. I have as high as 48 epi of 20/2 cotton going into 1" sections. I have combs on each end of the box. I have no need for a cross in a tension box, but I do on the loom. Feeding taped ends into the sticks as I do is easy.

Joanne Hall

Yes, the Glimakra tension box has a hole and slot shed maker inside the box.  So, check with them again.  They have two new employees who are still getting to know some of what they have.