Would yall please.....

Look at my loom and see if it's workable?  I am considering buying a loom but before I made the investment - I wanted to find out if I was interested enough to justify spending the money. 

I blogged it at http://afrayedknotter.livejournal.com/1895.html so if you'd be so kind.....................

I know I warped it wrong - and I know how to fix it - but would yall look and see if it even looks like it might work?


Thanks in advance!






Posted on Mon, 08/24/2009 - 15:29

 The little Structo looms are well regarded. I'd say finish off that warp (or even consider cutting it off and trying something of your own design).

Get some basic weaving books - Laila Lundell's "Big Book of Weaving", Rachel Brown's "Weaving, Spinning and Dyeing", Anne Field's "Ashford Book of 4-Shaft Weaving" are 3 good titles.

The Structo loom will be quite useful in helping you determine what type of larger loom you may wish to own - there are many types of loom and you don't want to keep buying and selling.

Posted on Sat, 08/29/2009 - 03:10

That is a very sweet loom.  You said in your blog it has 4 heddles, I think you meant 4 harnesses, right?  It's hard to see how to operate the shafts, what makes them go up and down.

I would definitely start weaving on it and see what you think.  Also, I would use the Advanced search at the top of the page here on Weavolution and go to the People tab and search for other weavers who are on Weavolution and live nearby.  Maybe one of them can help you get acquainted with the loom. 

I'm in the DC area and would be happy to help out.  Just let me know where you are if nearby.  Otherwise, I know someone with the same loom and see if she can help you out.

Keep weaving and consider a basic weaving book like Sara suggested.

Claudia, Weavolution co-founder