I always have had trouble getting nice and even twisted fringe.  I found information on another weaver's blog about pinning the item down and thought it was a great idea.  I found a 2'x2' piece of rigid foam insulation at Home Depot for less than $6.00 usd and drew 1" grid markings on it.  I then pinned the piece to the board along one of the lines and twisted the fringe.  I tied the knot in the fringe, pinned the knot down on a line on the board and snugged it up tight.  This meathod worked so much better for me than weighing down the piece with heavy books and trying to keep everything even.

twisting fringe








Dena (not verified)

I twist my fringes sitting on the couch, with my weaving draped over my knee and secured tightly between my foot and the edge of the coffee table.  I can hold the piece tightly for high tension, and move the piece around as necessary.  Oh yeah, and watch movies at the same time.


That's a battery operated hair twister, used instead of twisting fringe manually or with those hand crank ones for weavers. Costs less, too. I remember someone mentioning them here last spring.