My first Purrington

I first learned about Purrington Looms 5 years ago at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festial.  I was excited to learn that they were made in West Virginia where I live.  However at the time, I had a LeClerc 4H Countermarch that did everything I needed to do.  My living situtation did not allow for the addition of any more looms and the fact that my roommate already had 8 looms in the house kept the "need" for a made in WV loom at bay. 

As a student of WV culture and history I've collected many things made in WV or by West Virginians and I wanted a Purrington.  Well, this past spring, at MSW I finally purchased a Purrington.  A 20" 4H that is compact and will fit into the truck of my Dodge Intrepid.  The first time I sat down at the loom I fell in love and knew that it was meant to go home with me.  Unfortunately, "my" purrington is not made in WV.  It is what I like to call a "first generation" made by Rollo Purrington himself in Massaschusetts many years ago.  The loom had been lovingly gone over and was in need of a new home, I was happy to take it under my care.

I did not get to take my loom home from MSW, which was in a way kind of sad.  However, it was delivered a few days later by Bruce Bannerman.  He made a minor adjustment at delivery since he had noticed a potential issue, and it now sits waiting on me to warp it up.  The warp is wound and it is calling out to me.  I have a demo coming up at a quilt show the end of July so I will be getting to spend time on my Purrington. 

While considering the purchase at MSW I met several weavers who had Purringtons and was impressed with their comments about the ease of use and quality of workmanship.  One lady told me that even though she had to wait a while to get her loom, "it was worth it."  I'm fortunate the I was able to lay my hands on mine so easily, although I'm still wanting a made in WV loom.  Perhaps someday soon I'll be able to order a Purrington, customized just for me. 

My customized Purrington will be a 20" 4H made from WV wood.  That I will be able to travel and demo with at events throughout the state.  I'm hoping to be able to arrange for some custom engraving to make the loom unique for me. 

My project for this weekend?  Warp it!!!!!



Posted on Mon, 11/12/2012 - 07:13

Over the summer I aquired a 16 shaft purrington loom.I love this loom so much.Its easy on the fingers, while pressing down the harnesses.I got the loom in very good condtion.At the moment I am weaving 4 shaft dishtowels in rainbow colors.My warp is all hand dyed rainbow, and my weft is being done in black.A friend of mine added the legs to my loom so now its a floor loom instead of working off of a table.

Posted on Sun, 09/01/2013 - 02:15

I own a 12 Harness, 15" weaving width loom.  I've had it for several years.  I've woven scarves, bookmarks, dish-cloths, and many samples on it.  It is very easy to use, love weaving on it.

I didn't get the legs with it, but adapted a tray stand for legs and it works great - plus, it folds when needed.



Posted on Thu, 09/26/2013 - 02:43

I typically don't care for table top looms, but the one Purrington Table Top I used made me rethink that opinion.  I loved the release bar.  I'm not sure what I would do with all those shafts!  I'm supposed to get access to an 8H Gilmore soon, but I'll be using it for plain weave.  I need the width that it offers for a commission.  Ahhh well, maybe someday I can be more creative.