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I have been doing twining of rag rugs for some time. The children love the different rugs that I make from old clothes etc. Anyway I found an old bergman loom at a estate sale. The wood is in great shape but the strings and tyings are a mess. rotted broken etc. I have no idea where to start. So any suggestions? This is my first jump into the floor loom world.

Thank you



The Glimakra website has  a lot of very good information on tying up countermarche and counterbalance looms.

cherryorchard (not verified)

http://trapunto.wordpress.com/2008/08/03/bergman-tie-up-tips/ This was / is my go to site for figuring out my Bergman. Lots of helpful information.

sarahnopp (not verified)

Have any of the photos in the Bergman Loom group helped? What else would help you?

sarahnopp (not verified)

When I got my little Bergman, I decided to change out all the connections and really clean it up. Basically I just swapped all the cords and cables and wires with new Texsolv and arrows. And I washed the wood down with a wood cleaner and put it back together. It is great. When I put a new warp on, I do have to fuss with the tension on the treadle cables, but that seems pretty normal. 

Have you tried washing your string heddles? That is such a lot of work to go through to make new ones! I was lucky that my string heddles were all in decent condition, and it came with extra. I considered changing those out to Texsolv too, but they were just fine. And I think I have a jig for tying more somewhere too.


The pictures allowed me to put together the loom. Somehow I was able to unravel the mess. The string to the pedals and the pieces that hold the string heddles (Sorry still learning vocabulary) are so dry rotted they almost fall apart in your hands. Thank you! I am not sure what kind of string/twine I should use to replace these strings. Suggestions?

Sara von Tresckow

Loom cord is not easily found as Texsolv cord has pretty much replaced it.

Barb Ackerley

Hi, I'm too new to the world of weaving and weaving sites to even consider myself a newbie...I just got a second hand loom and moved it into my house.  Now I'm trying to figure out what's what!  It's wonderful to find a forum like this (I'm officially a member for 38 minutes now!) and see so many helpful comments and kind people!  The heddles on my loom are very difficult to slide across the bars they are on.  Is that normal?  Is there something I should do like treat the metal bars or anything?  The loom is a 4 harness Glimakra Viking Jack loom and the heddles are made of texsolv.  THANKS!


Sometimes string and/or Texsolv heddles can be a bit difficult to move.  I find that pushing them from the top and bottom helps them to slide a little more easily.  OTOH, it may be that the space between the upper and lower bars on which the heddles slide is far enough apart to make sliding difficult regardless.  I don't know if you particular loom can adjust the height?



Barb Ackerley

My "new" loom is pretty dirty and dusty.  I took a very high quality wood cleaner to the wood.  In doing so, I noticed that the metal heddle rods had a tremendous amount of dirt on them also.  I think, too, that the former owner was probably a smoker so the heddles seem to have a layer of nicotine on them.  Just wiping them down a little has made them much more mobile!  After washing down the metal rods, I'm wondering too, if I should consider using a good quality metal lubricant on them?  What do you think?  BTW, again, thanks.  I was searching other internet forums and was surprised to read one where there a woman wrote, "I've been lurking here for awhile, but afraid to comment for fear of being chastised..." which absolutely shocked me!  I can definitely tell I found a much nicer community here!


I have had my Bergman since the 1980's and never changed the tie up until last month. I wove a beautiful shawl with Sarah Jackson's Prayer Shawl weave along. I converted the old cords with TexSolv. Now I'm weaving Huckleberry Waffle dish towels from a Jane Stafford kit.... Huck and Waffle. I needed to drill additional holes in the treadles (scary!) but turned out OK. I have woven three towels in Huck, but the shed doesn't want to open well for Waffle. I have been under the look adjusting the cords many times....kind of hard on my 70 year old body! Any suggestions are welcome.

I'll take a photo of the serial number and post soon.



If you had to drill new holes in the treadles, you may not have the cords the right length, if you made them the same as the existing ones.  Most looms need to have the treadle cords closest to where the treadles hinge from shorter to allow for a shorter travel by the treadle.  On my rear hinged treadles, the cords closest to the front are looser, getting progressivelly tighter toward the back of the loom.

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