A long time I was fascinated by the idea using crocodile clips instead of a temple. Here in Germany I could`nt find the right crocodile or aligator clips. Now I found a way using some old suspenders from my sons. 


It´s easy and qick installed.



Martha-Weaves (not verified)

 Brillant, simply brilliant - I am off in search of suspenders....Love the recycle aspect of this idea...Great idea!  Thank you for sharing.

Ellen (not verified)

Great idea! I had had the same worry about finding those clips. Will definitely give it a try.

yarninmypocket (not verified)

Brilliant idea!!  But you can sign me as, "Giggling in England", because in UK-English, 'suspenders' are what ladies use to hold up their stockings, not what men use to hold up their trousers!  The fact that you say these used to belong to your sons is extra-funny.  :)


WallyWeaver (not verified)

Guessing the "garter belts" that ladies wore prior to pantyhose, with those little "rubbery-hooky" things in metal "eyes" could work in a similar manner.  Funny how it all comes full-circle some times!

Kristina (not verified)

Ooops. :O)

Thanks for this information. I will tell Google translator! 


yarninmypocket (not verified)

...but I think, in American English, that Google Translator has it exactly right!  In America, men *do* use suspenders to hold up their trousers.  :D

One of the many and silly ways the language is different across the Atlantic.  :)


Kristina (not verified)

  Oh, now I feel reassured.

 But it was funny and I was sitting here giggling too.

 But as you mentioned, I remembered  the other meaning. In school I´ve learned both. British English and later American English.  This is sometimes a little confusing.



 ahhhh, the joys of cross cultural communication via computers!


i realise that this is an old thread, but...

this goes even further, doesn't it?

a suspender in america holds up pants... in england they hold up stockings..   in america these are garters..  in england these hold up socks..         

so.. what do you call what holds up pants in england?