ok, guys, i know this doesn't exactly relate to weaving... but since i am going to be using it to help finish my first piece of weaving into a drawstring bag, i thought i would share...

my husband made me a Lucet from a spare piece of walnut.

it is a simple tool that lets you make good strong cords for drawstrings, etc. i blogged all about it over here... and there is a little contest on there too.


Posted on Fri, 07/10/2009 - 08:53

lovely peice of wood he's made it out of, lucky you.

if your into luceting i have to recommend "lucet braiding;variations on a renassence cord" by fuller and smith. has lots of realy handy tricks and techneques. ive heard ziggy rytka has a good panphlet out as well , but havent got my hands on it yet.