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This group has been quiet for quite a while, but I am very excited about a class I just signed up for, and thought this was the best place to post about it.  I will be going to the Espanola Valley Fiber Arts Center in New Mexico for a tapestry design class with Elizabeth Buckley.  Here is the description of the class:

EXPLORATIONS OF LIGHT AND DARK: VALUE IN TAPESTRY DESIGN with Elizabeth Buckley (the third tapestry on that page is amazing)

Value is not only the foundation to effective tapestry design, it also can be an expression of the universal metaphors around light and dark. In this workshop, we will explore the theme of how light and dark enter into your own life, describe an internal place or a personal symbology. We will look at how value comes into the use of tapestry techniques. This is a workshop intended for weavers of all tapestry traditions: Rio Grande, French, Mexican, and the spectrum in-between. We will explore the use of contrast, color blending, and the illusion of 3 dimensional space. We will work with black, white and gray-toned papers, India Ink washes, and collage as we generate designs for tapestry, moving through the stages in the design process from playing with ideas to the fine-tuning of one design to the point of launching a tapestry. We will discuss how to think in tapestry and which techniques make the most sense for weaving specific areas. Participants also can expect to begin weaving a small tapestry, or a study section of a larger design.

Thursday – Sunday, August 16 – 19; 9:30 AM – 3:30 PM


Posted on Thu, 03/08/2012 - 16:26

Thanks Tommye.  I was looking at her page on the ATA site and loved both the movement and the impression of transparency that she gets.  The combination of design and tapestry in this class is what really interested me.  Finding classes that go beyond introductory techniques is a challenge.


Posted on Thu, 03/08/2012 - 18:28


I'll be teaching an intermediate + class at Penland School of Crafts next summer and will hope to include both introductory and more advanced challenges.  The scheduling isn't set yet but I'll announce it when it is both here at Weavo and on my blog & website.

I know you'll enjoy Elizabeth's class very much!