and waiting to be wet finished and then I will have to put on all the finishing touches to get it ready to be a wall hanging. I have a feeling that it may take longer to finish than it did to weave. It was fun exploring some of the different double weave techniques and patterns that can be acheived on the rigid heddle. I definitely will be exploring this more and more in the future. Experimenting with different yarns, different colors, stripes, etc., more of the patterns and techniques that I did not do on this sampler. Pictures were added to the project page.



and ready for hanging. I have updated pictures on my projects page to show the finished wall hanging. I'm not happy with the hanger for the piece but not sure what to replace it with so the current cord will have to do for now. Halloweave has been great fun and I have enjoyed seeing everyone else's projects as they have progressed over the weeks.

Weeweaver (not verified)

Your wall hanging looks wonderful! I am still weaving on the dishtowels. Now I am on #5, which is lilac. I think there are only a couple more left, I hope!


watching your towels develop. Can't wait to see the finished products.