Migrated Group Comments

Migrated Group Comments


Posted on Tue, 06/09/2009 - 23:48

Welcome to the Double Harness Group! 

Please introduce yourself, and share your drawloom/double harness experience or interest with the group.  I'm hoping there will be a number of us, and we can have some interesting discussions, share information, sources, etc.  ~Jan


Posted on Wed, 06/10/2009 - 00:32

Hi,  27 years ago I was able to weave for a few hours on a single unit drawloom and on a loom with an opphamta attachment.  I was hooked!  I bought a used single unit drawloom, brought it home, assembled it, and  wove for a short time.  Over years of moves, raising children, and homeschooling, the drawloom was put away.   It is now in my studio, and I am working on getting the loom up and running again.  Three years ago or so, I also bought a used 20 shaft oppphamta attachment which I'll be adding to my countermarche loom later this year.  I'm looking forward to meeting other weavers interested in drawloom weaving!





Posted on Sat, 06/13/2009 - 20:15

Hi Jan,

Chris B here (from Ca).  This week I ordered my shaft drawloom from Joanne at Glimakra USA.  It won't be shipped for a couple weeks-- gives me time to get my current project off the loom and jacks shipped for needed alterations.  This is a big thing for me!  Looking forward to learning from everything.

Isn't Weavoltion great?






Posted on Sat, 06/13/2009 - 20:21

OK, today I am definitely having a hard time with my typing.  And I think I'll be able to figure out DH weaving!! Ha!

I meant to say -- learning from everyone-- and isn't Weavolution great!

Happy Weaving!


Posted on Mon, 06/15/2009 - 14:37

Hi.  I am in the process...slow and painful process of trying to convert my Toika to a drawloom.  I'm not sure that I'll be able to, but I'm hoping.  I probably have no business dipping into such an advanced form of weaving given that I've only been weaving for roughly 3 and half years, but I'm just absolutely in love with the fabrics and design possibilities. 

I hope that we're able to discuss these possibilities in more depth through this group.  I'm so excited that you put this together!