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SaoriSaltSpring (not verified)


Please come in and introduce yourself, let us know what you are working on, what questions you have and share your ideas as we "learn from each other in the group"!

saorifun (not verified)

Thank you for creating the group!

I am the first one to be a member!!

I hope more people will join us.

I am "saorifun" in Minnesota and am working on....it can be a shawl, can be a wall hanging, if I sew it, it can be a garment.

I am really enjoying it right now.


Caroline (not verified)

hi! I'm Caroline from Australia and I'm interested in the saori concept of weaving. I have read a bit about it but have not come across anyone close to me who has tried it yet, so I am eager to learn and experiment!

cheers, Caroline in Australia, where its bitterly cold (by our standards) even though its sunny!

SaoriSaltSpring (not verified)

Hi SaoriFun - nice to see you here on Weavolution - I look forward to seeing your creations!

Happy Weaving,


SaoriSaltSpring (not verified)

Hi Caroline,

I know that there are some people in Australia who have been trying out some Saori weaving.  I'll look up some of their blogs or websites and get back to you.  I don't know if they are close to you or not.

Happy Weaving,

Terri on the West Coast of Canada where we are having sunny summer days right now (sorry to hear about the bitter cold!)

jeannine (not verified)

 hi terri and other saori-weavers,

I am so glad  you started this group.I was waiting for it now the weavolution really got started.

My latest activity was to visit and meet Kim Cowley-Adams in France .We had great fun weaving together while she showed me some saori-technics.

and now we have this great place to share our weavings with the whole world

kind regards










SaoriSaltSpring (not verified)

Hi Jeannine!  I'm so glad that you got to meet Kim and do a workshop with her.  She was my introduction to Saori weaving too!

Happy Weaving,


saorifun (not verified)

Hi Caroline in Australia,

I'm Chiaki in Minnesota U.S.A.

I know it is far away for you even though this is happening in Australia in the end of this coming August.

There will be a group of SAORI people going to Perth for a SAORI tour.

I am not sure what they are going to do, but there is a lady who is a little bit of SAORI experience.

I went to see and train her last summer.

If you would like to know more about it, I can contact my friend and let you know the detail.

I am located the west side of the Great Lakes.

Happy Weaving!



thumbelinaspins (not verified)

Hi Everyone, I'm also from Australia.  I found the Saori site by mistake as I was surfing the net and was immediately taken with the whole idea.  I am considering ordering a loom as they look so easy to use.  When we moved to Australia from Canada 20 years ago I sold my Leclerc loom and I have never been able to replace it with anything I like from here.   How much do you like your looms?  Is it worth purchasing one?  The only other looms that I can afford over here are the Ashford looms.  I have been making do with a salish loom I made and a 80cm rigid heddle loom but I am really missing having a "proper" loom with foot peddles.

I did get hold of Saori in Japan and they have given me a quote to mail one to me here.  It seemed like a fairly decent price.

SaoriSaltSpring (not verified)

Hi Thumbelinaspins - welcome to the world of Saori.

Yes, the looms are so easy to use - today I had one at our Market and people were sitting down to weave a bit on a silk scarf (we are doing this as part of the International Year of Natural Fibres)...within a couple of rows, people who have never woven before are loving it!

I have used many different looms and they all have things that I like about them.  The Saori looms are portable and have a light, smooth action with the counterbalance set-up.  I have to qualify this here as I am a Canadian distributor of the Saori looms - but after 25 years of weaving on many different looms, I must say I thoroughly enjoy the Saori and its all I have been using for the last 4 years.

Let us know what you decide.

Happy Weaving,


SaoriSaltSpring (not verified)

Thanks Chiaki - yes I remember you went to Australia to give some workshops - great connection!

Happy Weaving,


curiousweaver (not verified)

Hi Terry and all,

I've experimented with Saori for many years and also own a Saori loom. I also live in Australia.  I consider the Saori looms to be the very best available for new weavers particulaly but also for their freedom generally. My dream is to buy more and have workshops with them introducing more to weave...but it may remain a dream!

I also have a 24 shaft computer Toika loom, so now have the two best looms on the planet, in my humble opinion.

At the moment I'm experiementing with saori and e-textiles, weaving LEDs into the cloth.

I look forward to seeing and hearing more about other Saori adventures.



Caroline (not verified)

hi Thumbelinaspins, waving madly from Adelaide,  nice to see another Aussie here! I've been looking at the looms as well but have not found a price list on any of the sites I have found so far. I think Karen Madigan in NSW has one, I've done a quick search of her blog and website but cannot find an index or search tool, grrr, but if you scroll down this page:


yu will get to a pdf file on the subject. I know she had photos on her site along with a blog entry, last year perhaps?

cheers, Caroline



saorifun (not verified)

Wow! There are 27 members already, great!

I thought I should have announced about SAORI 40th Anniversary this November in Osaka, Japan.

So far, in this group, Terri and I are going to be a part of the event!

If you are interested in being a part of it, please let me know. I can send you the details.

November is a good month to visit Japan I think.....

Happy Weaving!

Chiaki in Minnesota

SaoriSaltSpring (not verified)

Thanks Chiaki!  Yes, I'm so looking forward to the trip - it should be amazing.



SaoriSaltSpring (not verified)

Okay - I am figuring some things out with Weavolution and there are Forums set up, where we can actually organize these conversations into topics.  So, if you click on the forum tab and scroll down you should see the Saori Weaving Forums - in there are three topics - feel free to jump in and comment, create a new topic, etc.

Happy Weaving,


mm haber (not verified)

Hello Everyone - I've been weaving since 1999, and recently discovered Saori weaving. I love the fact that this artform which I love so much can be made accessible to everyone, and that Saori design is limited only by a weaver's imagination. I have Misao Jo's book, and have become intrigued with the idea of weaving a Saori wardrobe. I will enjoy sharing my experience with this group.



Noreen Crone-Findlay

Hi Everyone!

I am weaving a set of placemats on my Saori loom, and have been blogging about the process.... here are the links:




:o) Noreen