<p>Fiber Content: 100% Wool<br />
Gauge: 4-5 on size 6-8<br />
Yards per Pound: 640<br />
Weight: Worsted<br />
Wraps per Inch: 10<br />
Yardage/Unit: 160<br />
Tabby Sett: 6<br />
Twill Set: 8</p>
<p>Available in 61 colors.</p>
<p>&bull; exquisite, lush, vibrant color palette &bull; perfect for knitting, felting and weaving &bull; unique spiralled 2-ply twist creates a distinctive yarn with a shadowed or corded appearance &bull; worsted spun from a special quality wool for exceptional shine, luster and durability with a soft and springy hand &bull; worsted spun so far less likely to pill &bull; mothproofed Knitters &bull; the corded appearance adds an elegant finish to both stockinette and aran patterns &bull; customers rave about its ability to hold texture &bull; superb color range for fair isles and intarsia &bull; a little denser and with fewer yards per pound than a standard worsted weight yarn so you will need to add an extra 25-30% yarn by weight or purchase comparable yardages. Weaving Yarn Tip &bull; Botanica is stretchy so when winding your warp on the board, add at least 10-20% extra to the length of the warp because the warp will shorten considerably when tension is released. &bull; When weaving, always release the warp tension before measuring the picks of your weft. If you measure with your piece under tension it will be inaccurate. &bull; The smoothness of Botanica makes a densely warped double weave a snap. &bull; Try alternating smooth Botanica with stickier mohair and boucle to make them easier to use &bull; Since worsted spun yarns do not full or bloom as much as woolen spun yarns do, choose an appropriate sett and beat the weft as you want the finished product to look.</p>
<p>Previously named Scottish Tapestry Wool</p>

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