Hello Halloweavers,

I hope you all enjoyed Halloweave as much as I did in 2011! It seemed a fantastic success. I truly enjoyed watching you all push yourselves and your boundaries. I've seen much positive feedback in the teams here, as awell as, in some private messages. We are open for suggestions on improving Halloweave 2012. I hope you will all spread the word about how much you enjoyed Halloweave 2011 and will participate in future events.

Halloweave 2011 Teams are now closed. They will remain on the site as a resource for you and other weavers. We will post new Halloweave Teams in 2012 for your future enjoyment.

Happy Weaving,



suzyhok (not verified)

Thanks so much for the nudge... I've been wanting to weave some wall hangings/tapestries and I took the Witch's Brew challenge. What joy it was seeing my Marshland mounted on the wall of the Merrill Lynch Art Show at the Landings in Savannah, Ga. among all the paintings -- the only piece of fiber art! I met my goal! Your challenge was the catalyst. Thanks for all you did to make it happen.

francorios (not verified)

Bravo Suzy!

Have a joyful day!

Erica J

Suzy, I'm so glad you took on the challenge and found success! This is exactly the goal of Halloweave! We're so thrilled that the challenges gave the needed nudge! Cheers, Erica

ChrisWeaveMaine (not verified)

I am spending the day putting a new warp on the rigid heddle and have the next warp all measured and waiting to go onto the floor loom.  Woo-hoo!  Thanks for all the help and encouragement.  November is National Novel Writing Month, so of course, my heroine is a weaver, but I'm still finding plenty of time to weave when I'm not writing.


Weeweaver (not verified)

I had a wonderful time weaving the dishtowels and the most important thing I learned is it's a pain in the butt to hem towels of different colors if there are only 1 of each color. No more of that, lol! I can't wait for next year! Thanks to all who joined!!!!!


Last night, I finally finished Teddy bears T10 and T11.  This challenge really helped.  I still have more than a month till Christmas, so I get to play with them for a while before they go to their new homes.  Check on their adventures on my blog:


T10 and T11 learned how to play Kings in the Corner last night!

Thanks for all the fun.

Jenny in Charlevoix the Beautiful


I think it is great how everyone seems to put such a high value on handspun yarn...  I learned to spin a few years ago and actually learned to weave because I wanted to find a use for my handspun yarn.

After making a bunch of scarves from handspun yarn, I moved on to other fibers and absolutely LOVE weaving.  I am to the point where aquaintences and friends have asked to purchase all of my original scarves and I am starting to make a few more again.

I love my handspun yarn projects and am even more excited when the fiber came from my own flock of sheep.  Excited to learn about Halloweave and look forward to participating next year! 

Your handspun yarns should be used!  Weave with them (all year long) and make them come alive - don't be afraid!!!!