As a Halloweave Group, we can schedule weekly meet ups on zweavolution's WebEx Service. Is anyone interested in meeting online this week? If so what time us best? Cheers, Erica


Claudia Segal (not verified)

Double Dares  would like to meet on Thursday at 3pm Eastern.  I am hoping that will work for everyone.  Please let me know what to do and where to tell everyone to go to find the link.



tien (not verified)

I'd be interested, but as I'm in California and work full-time, early mornings (7am Pacific or so), late afternoons (after 6pm), and weekends work best for me.  Saturday I could do any time from 7am to about 2pm Pacific, Sunday I coudl do 7am to 11am or 4pm onwards.

Looking forward to seeing what everyone else is working on!


I am interested, too, am also on the west coast of the U.S., and would vote for weekends.

tien (not verified)

I just realized that I am booked Saturday afternoon and evening.  Sunday I am coordinating a Webex meetup for the Demon Seamstresses at 5pm (I think) Pacific, but other than that I'm free.

Erica J

I'm in England so 8 hours ahead of the West coast. At this point I'm looking at 4pm BST/8am PDT. I need to check that there are no conflicts with that meeting time. Cheers, Erica

tien (not verified)

That would work great for me!

Erica J

I've scheduled our meeting for Sunday 11am EDT/8AM PDT/4PM BST. When the time comes, please check back here. Click here to join the meeting. The password is hello. See you Sunday, Erica

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