I was so happy to find this group on Weavolution. I am primarily a rug weaver, but just got back into spinning because my neighbor raises Lincoln sheep and I am challenged to find bulky, course rug wool in the colors and weight I need. My new Schact Flat iron with bulky flyer arrives on Tuesday!

It has been years since I've spun. I want to spin bulky, corespun yarn, but challenged to find books or tutorials on spinning this type of yarn. Does anyone in the group know of a good source?

Also, does anyone in the group own a Flat iron wheel with the bulky attachment? If so, just curious how bulky I can get



I have never made core spun yarn; almost all of the yarn I make is plied, but evenly plied.  I think you would have to find a way to tension the center core to get the wool to wrap around it, instead of making a three ply yarn.  I have never worked with synthetics in handspinning, the core is usually synthetic.

Actually, a real quick search found:


Oregon Weaver

Thank you. I think at this point I'm going to try spinning bulky yarn and go with something plied. 

Sara von Tresckow

Try bulky singles - gives the rug a very nice surface texture and packs well.

Oregon Weaver

Hello Sarah,

Thank you for your reply. I'm guessing that to spin bulky singles I should use the largest whirl and the slowest tension, correct? Any advice on how to best set bulky singles? 




Sara von Tresckow

Just spin bulky - slow without too much twist. Setting is hothing more than dipping in water or a light wash and hanging to dry. A little energy won'e hurt anything.


If you are not an experienced spinner, starting with roving can make creating a softly spun bulky yarn easier.

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