Does anyone have experience with rug weaving on a Schact standard floor loom?  I absolutely LOVE my new (to me) standard floor loom, and don't want to abuse it with too much demanding weaving, but would love to use up some of my wool stash from rug hooking.  Thanks!


sequel (not verified)

I did a few rag rugs with my Schacht Standard.  The loom was plenty strong, but it is still a jack loom.  If you are doing a rag rug and not a weft faced rug it should do fine, as it won't require as a high tension as a weft faced rug.  Keep in mind that you will want to beat firmly, twice, once on the open shed, change the shed and beat again.  Actually to really beat in the weft you may want to beat on the open shed, lift all shafts and beat again then drop the shafts you won't be using on the next pick.  This allows you to beat the weft at more or less right angles to the warp.

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