Bergman LoomMy husband and I have just saved a beautiful 36", 8 harness loom. Most of it is original, including the string heddles. We had to make some new harness bars, because they were lost. We had to re-hang the upper and lower lamms, and my husband was able to use a wire identical to the original for the lower lamms, and braided cord for the upper lamms. We did use a little bit of Texsolve to hang the upper harness bars to the jacks, but I'm planning on using cord for the treadles. (they already have loops of cord on all the treadles.) I'm not sure how long I should cut the cords for the treadles. If anyone has that info, I would be interested. Also, there's a strong possibility that I will be selling this loom. Any ideas on what price I should be asking?

PS. The number on it is 8A361



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