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With the new picture-showing system (bad word, new try later) I've found that pictures will not show at actual size. Anybody knows what to do?

Wordier question: when I add pictures, I choose medium size. I usually size the pictures before, and usually make them a little (or a lot) bigger than what shows in the post. Up until a month or so ago, when I clicked a picture, it came up either sized to fit the browser window, or in original size. If it was made smaller (to fit window), it could be clicked to enlarge. This showed as a magnifying glass with a + in it.

Now, when I click a picture, I get a black screen with all the post's pictures in miniature at the bottom. When choosing one, it comes up bigger, but if it IS bigger than the window space, it can't be enlarged. (Or I haven't found a way to do that) (Example of Very Big picture: the shawl in this post - it has too high resolution (180 ppi) and measures 14,4 x 10,8 ", according to photoshop. It needn't be that big, but...)

Anyone knows how to present a big picture nowadays?



I've noticed a difference in how pictures show, too, but have no clue how to fix it.  I'm using Internet Explorer and Blogger doesn't like that browser but I don't like the way Google handles bookmarks.  :(




Perhaps I should have mentioned I'm using Firefox - it never occurred to me that browsers could vary in this... Right now I tried Chrome, and it did the same. So, maybe browsers don't matter (maybe!)

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