The Folk School where I teach weaving has been given an older model Schacht Standard loom. The brake for the warp beam does not look like the brake on their web site. There's a foot release brake handle with two heavy wires going to a metal bar and then the brake cable going around the drum is also attached to that metal bar. There is no turnbuckle. (I have a picture of it but I can't figure out how to attach it to this message.) The question I have is, does anyone have this type of brake on their Standard? When the warp is on the warp beam and I advance the warp, I have to pull up on that foot release brake handle so that the warp beam locks. Is that the way this older brake system worked? I've asked Customer Service at Schacht, but so far I haven't been able to get them to actually answer my question. They want me to undo the cable and photograph the drum then buy a new brake system. This isn't what the loom needs. The drum is not scored. Having had to replace a brake drum on my Mighty Wolf many years ago, I know what a bad brake drum looks like. I just want to know if this is how the brake for this loom was designed to engage. If anyone could give me information on this, I would greatly appreciate it.


Marjorie Erickson (not verified)

The Loom maker at Schacht called me and gave me the help I needed. I was so grateful that he agreed that the brake doesn't need replacing, but probably does need some fine-tuning. Thankful for receiving such generous Customer Service.


What was the advise from Schacht? I'm having th exact same issue!

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