I have a vintage Dutch loom made by Vink and is about 70-100 years old. It is a decending Jack tipe of loom . I need new shafts made for it. Does anybody know where I can have them made. Thanks 

Ena .



I would look at Camilla Valley Farms website at Leclerc loom parts to see if any of theirs will fit.  I have used Leclerc shafts as replacements on  old looms.  If that doesn't work, any woodworker should be able to copy what you have.  What is wrong with them?  One thing you want to make clear when you talk about replacing them is that they have to copied as is, and not "improved".

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Thank you for the info about the Camilla Valley Farm. I found it very interresting. On two of the shafts the botom part of the frame has broken. My husband has repaired them by bracing them with another peice of wood but this has increased the bulk of the frames so does cause problems whem weaving when the shafts have to move past each other. If a third one breaks I will be in trouble.I will contact Camilla Valley farms with some measurements to see if they could help. 


It's unfortunate that your husband mended the wood by adding a reinforcement to SIDE of the frame.  There are better ways to mend, and a woodworker may help, if you tell them that the frame can't be made thicker.