Happy March everyone. It has been a while since we had a check-in thread in this group. I hope many of you will come back to check in regularly. We all know even just a little bit of weaving each day adds up into big wins at the loom! The weather is a bit more spring-like here and I look forward to seeing what everyone is weaving this month!



I got about a foot done on a difficult project.  This is a cotton chenille warp on an echo threading.  The first piece, with 8/4 cotton weft, wormed.  Only one color warp wormed.  The warp was rethreaded at 15 epi (from 12) and woven with 8/2 weft.  This piece is stabile so far.  The piece on the loom is being woven with 16/2 weft, which is slow.  When this is done, I'll try another one with 8/4 to see if the increased sett is enough, by itself, to stop the worming.  These are beautiful pieces, and I would like to master this to make a saleable product.  Why one color wormed was never found, but the floats were a bit long.  And planning more  summer and winter drafts.


   It's been a month any new progress or pictures


That is great Big White Sofa Dog! Any progress on big projects is something to celebrate! I look forward to seeing this project! I do hope you are able to create a saleable product!!!

I've been achieving Daily Weaverliness on the weekends and finished my 8 meters of plain weave linen!!! A very simple project, but very gratifying, as I'm weaving my own seam finishing tape for a handwoven robe I've made for my medieval costume wardrobe! :)

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