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Thought you could send a list of weavers that might know how to weave a "seamless robe". We think it may have been like a long tube with slits for the neck and arms. Not sure about that. Could possibly have a hood on it. There is really no artifact or info to help as it would have dissolved over time.





I was recently in Trier, Germany, which is the site of Roman Emperor Constantine's summer palace (it's still there). Constantine's mother Helena went on a pligrimage to the holy lands and brought back relics that were distributed throughout churches in Europe. The Cathedral at Trier has a relic purported to be Jesus' seamless tunic. Whatever its origins, it is an ancient seamless tunic, and it does exist. There is a similar garment held by the Russian Orthodox community in Moscow. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seamless_robe_of_Jesus . I have a book detailing the history and construction of the Trier tunic. It's in German. Also, see this post and the resources named there http://rutemple.blogspot.com/2011/06/seamless-weaving.html

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