I am lazy when it comes to warping, between taking care of elderly parents, husband, etc. I never seem to have the time to warp my rug loom. I found this but no instruction on how to make it happen. http://weavolution.com/taxonomy/term/2650


mrdubyah (not verified)

Sectional warping is faster and easier for long warps, but may be more trouble than its worth for short warps and small projects. 

See the monograph on sectional warping available here.

If video is more your speed, try watching it done on youtube here

and, for a different approach, check out the AVL sectional warper here.




You look like a woman with a lot on her plate!

I get interupted a lot, so when I wind a warp, I tie it into bouts of about 20-40 threads. Then I never have more than 20-40 threads at a time to try to keep track of while warping. I'm usually a front-to-backer (and so is my loom), but I doubt that makes any difference. Put those 20 threads through the reed (or the heddles), tie them together with a slip knot, pet the yarn, and go to bed. 

Anyhow, small bouts and sectional warping (as mrdubya recommends) means that I can always do just a little work and make just a little progress. Rewarding and relaxing, like mini-vacations. 

Have Fun. Jac


jmbennett (not verified)

links!  I enjoyed them


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