Julia or Toika Lila?

Hi. I'm a relatively inexperienced weaver but am ready to buy a small loom. I don't want a large footprint because I only want to weave table linens, runners, and maybe so light rugs but that's not the main focus..mainly table linens and the like. The Lila looks like a good size but I'm concerned that the front beam isn't as tall as regular sized looms.... but I can't find an "inches" for it. Does anyone know how tall the front beam is? And does anyone have any thoughts about its stability/sturdiness compared to the Julia?  Any thoughts in general would be appreciated. Is the Lila a Countermarche? The photos make it look as if the beater swings from the bottom, not the top. Clearly I need lots of direction. I don't know anyone near me that has either the Lila or the Julia so I'll have to buy one sight unseen. Scary proposition so I need lots of advice! THanks.



First - 

Julia is made by Glimakra.

LAILA is the little folding countermarche from Toika.

LILLA is a compact countermarche from Oxaback.


Both Julia and LAILA are very small looms, less than 30" wide and not very roomy. The LAILA is a great second loom or workshop loom - I have mainly seen them in weaving schools where space requires small looms. It is a countermarche with standing beater.

The Julia is a bit larger, but lacks depth, a removable breast beam and a few other features of the standard countermarche loom. Available as countermarche OR counterbalance.

The LILLA is similar to the old Glimakra Ideal (no longer in production). It is a compact countermarche with features like the larger standard models, but fits in a smaller floor space. It is today's best option for the features of a countermarche loom at an affordable price and a modest space requirement. It is an all purpose loom for light fabrics to the occasional rug.

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