Hello everyone!

My name is Olga and I weave in Dexter :) 

I am a new weaver but making a great progress.My sister in law introduced me to weaving this past july and sent me home with a table loom.... and I was hooked. Got my big girl loom in August- Leclerc 4 s. I am on my 3rd project and it goes not as fast as I'd like it to  since having a 16 months old toddler consumes all of the time! I also am a professional seamstress but that craft hasn't been touched since my son was born :)

happy weaving!


Mary Rios (not verified)

Glad to have you on our site - good to know there are others out there! If you're interested, I belong to Michigan Weavers Guild and we meet on Saturdays. People belong from all over the SE Michigan area. If ever you're looking for a group - I can tell you I drive quite a distance to attend! Maybe there is a guild right in your area? Can anyone tell Olga where you Guild?

Welcome and Weave On!


Su Butler

Seems like the Kalamazoo guild would work for Olga....google Kalamazoo Weavers Guild, Kalamazoo, MI. I have taught workshops for them, and I actually stayed in Dexter, so the drive is minimal. The guild meets, I think, on the south side of K'zoo. Su :-)
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