Hi all I pick this little loom up at a garage sale. Can anyone identify it? Also, does any one know how to work the tie up system? It's on pulleys and I can't figure out how to do different tie-ups. The plague on the front of the loom reads: Dick Blink Artcraft, Galesburg , IL 1976 Thanks. deb-in-mi


Claudia Segal (not verified)

I am not good at identifying looms but I can help you add the pictures in with your comments.  If you are using IE for a browser you probably do not have the benefit of the full comment box.  However, adding photos with your comments is described in this video and also available in the Help section.  

Good luck with finding someone who knows.  I see it's a table loom.  It reminds me of a Glimakra that is no longer made but I'm not sure.

Claudia, Weavolution co-founder

Deb-in-MI (not verified)

Thanks for the picture help...i couldn't figure it out. Of course it took me forever to figure out how to even post :) deb-in-mi

Claudia Segal (not verified)

Happy to help.  You should be able to go to your first post and at the bottom right side you will see an Edit option if you would like to give it a try and put the photos in the post.

Welcome to Weavolution. Sorry to hear you found it difficult at first.  Every website is different and each one has it's own way of doing things.  It took me months to figure out Facebook.


villageweaver (not verified)

It's was sold by Dick Blick Art Supply. http://www.dickblick.com

Looks like it's a table loom, therefore no treadles underneath. You create the pattern by selecting different sequence of levers. It's a sweet little loom!

Deb-in-MI (not verified)

Thank you Claudia for the picture help and thank you Villageweaver for the loom id. I check out the web site, but found nothing. At least I now know how to create the patterns(dah!). Thanks again. Deb-in-MI
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