Hello! Stoles and such.

Hi I'm Alexis

I'm thrilled someone came up with the idea of a forum for ecclesiastical weaving! I've only been spinning & weaving for about 2 years (total) and actually started spinning while working on my PhD - on the early imagery of the Virgin Mary (often depicted with a spindle in hand at the Annunciation) - and well - was hooked from that point on.

I wove my first stole a month or so ago - its hand spun linen. I'm rather pleased with the end result. It wears well, and is quite simple. I've only got this set of pics on my "theo-blog" to show for my efforts.

Not long ago I got a second heddle and wove a bookmark/ribbon for my community's Gospel book - also in hand spun linen - as my first project on a double heddle loom. No pics of that one but the result was decent - I'm planning do do a better one after completing my current  project - a hand woven/knotted rug (see my projects page here on Weavolution.

I'm currently spinning some silk to do another stole - which if all goes well, I'll embellish with some embroidery.

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