It was interesting to see all of the things people wanted to work on here. I enjoyed visiting the project pages and seeing things progress! I did get over my fear of overshot and am thinking of other projects where I'll be able to use the technique. I didn't get my old Franken-Loom up and running yet, but I did start figuring some things out for it so I'll have an easier path when I get to it.

It's been a pleasure weaving with you this October, Spook of the Loom-ers! Happy Halloweave to all and to all a straight warp! :-)




ChrisWeaveMaine (not verified)

I learned so much this month.  I just finished my rigid heddle pickup stick dare project, and I've conquered my fear of following a draft on my floor loom (I'm at 36" and will probably finish that project in time to hand out candy tomorrow night).  

I look forward to weaving with you again!



Grnidgrl (not verified)

For my personal challenge I chose to try weaving with two heddles. I had purchased a kit and instructions from Syne Mitchell for bookmarks and never had the courage to quite do the project. Once I realized how easy it really was to do I extended my challenge to weave a towel. I finished the towel and decided that was not much of a challenge either. So I ended up making a belt for myself on the inkle loom. I wanted a design that would look the same on both sides because the buckle I wanted to use would show the back side of the work. I tried three different weaving patterns and came up with one that I liked. I was pleased with myself for taking the challenge.


of projects is amazing.A nd what fun to follow along as everyon porgeressed with their work. The kind word and encouraglemt were all appreciated by me and I am sure others feel the same way. Can't wait to see what comea along next. Now it is time to warp my loom for the towel kits I won as a prize! Waffle weave here I come!

B P (not verified)

Thank you, all of you for joining me at Spook of the Loom. Your energy and enthusiasm for tackling new weaving projects has been truely inspiring. Congrats to you all!

...I did get to weave wider, and thoroughly enjoyed doing so.

Best wishes, Beth


I want to thank the HalloWeave team, Karren Brito, Mary Rios and Beth Parks on a job VERY WELL DONE!

This was a lot of fun to participate in and see all the projects, and we all learned something!

Sharon Carey

ChrisWeaveMaine (not verified)

This was a lot of fun.  I am interested to know who won what prizes.  Is there any way to see that?



A recording of the HalloWeave Finale WebEx meeting, where the People's Choice winners were announced, is being posted sometime in the near future.  It will be viewable for 24 hours. There should be a link posted by one of the HalloWeave team.

I did not make it to the meeting, so I too am wondering who won!

Sharon Carey

leighv (not verified)

Thank you for the help everyone! It was inspiring (and sometimes intimidating) to watch everyone working on projects with a common goal.

I had a great time and learned a lot. I actually got my loom up and running again (after a mechanical malfunction) on the 31st and wove off the last of my Koolaid shawl. I'm tying the fringes and will wet finish in the next day or so. I will definitely do this again!

Respectfully, Leigh

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