Hello Weavolutionaries!

I asked elsewhere on Weavolution about mood boards, Tien posted links to here design book blog in her answer to my question. This lead me to go back and begin reading her book again, she is still in the process of blogging her book.

In reading through, I was inspired to come back here to see if anyone is interested in another Design Weave A Long?! Whether your an experienced designer or have been wanting to dabble in designing for weaving, please join me in the design process. I have a few things that I am inspired by, but have been too fearful to actually create designs. I hope that at least a few of other people will join me here.

I will be reading through Tien's book as it stands thus far and revisiting Daryl's Color and Inspiration class and working through various excercises provided by these two sources. Tien's book is free at the moment and Daryl's class is prerecorded, so you could purcahse it today and get started right away.

I bought a sketch book today and have a few ideas rattling around I need to get in there. As I will be traveling the next few weekends, I will primarily spend the next few weeks in my sketch book and aim to get a warp on the loom early may, but the design process is fluid so who knows.

So grab your sketch book/weaving notebook and join me! :)