Hello all, I finished weaving this taquete sample, from Tabby to Taquete, but I broke quite a few warp threads. Any ideas what I might have done wrong?





How even was your warp tension?  It appears to be winding on the cloth beam unevenly (or else it beat that way, due to uneven warp tension).

Erica J

There was initially, but I  believe I fixed yhe tension issue, but was still having a problem breaking threads. I didn't take ta abandoned sample off and the second smple ended up sliding into it, giving this effect.

I'm wondeing does taquete, being a weft faced technique, require "bubbling", like tapestry?

Sara von Tresckow

Taquete has a tie down tabby warp and a pattern warp and the tabby ends have more takeup than the pattern ends - this is stated in every book, but often overlooked. After weaving some distance, the takeup difference can lead to broken warp threads.

The same holds true for samitum weaves.

Ideally, there should be two warps beamed, but most people beam the entire warp at one time. Frequent advances and warp with considerable elasticity do help this a bit.

I once wove a polychrome samitum piece on a TC-1 that was only about a yard long and we really had to nurse it along and still had numerous warp breaks. It is a gorgeous textile, but not reproducable in quantity without a second warp beam.

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