Friday through Sunday, August 14-16, is going to be the American Craft Council San Francisco show.  Wondering if anyone else is planning on going?  Noted weaver Sandra Rude (blog at , website at ) will be there with her FABULOUS I am planning to go on Friday to catch their 5-8pm special.

If you haven't been to this craft show, it is an amazing display of all sorts of art.  It's a juried show, so the quality of the handicrafts is way better than at, say, an art and wine festival.  There are usually quite a few weavers and dyers there.

I'd encourage you to go, especially if you haven't seen the show before.  It's at Fort Mason in San Francisco.



I went years ago, and it's a pretty high-level show. I can't go this year, as I'm back at work (only 1 week left of summer vacation--*sob*), and that is the same weekend as my guild's annual retreat, but I recommend it--it's a nice way to see what other people are doing.

BonnieI (not verified)

The shows put on by the American Craft Council have interesting websites.  Even if you cannot go to the San Francisco show, you can look at a photo of work by each of their artists. These shows are extremely competitive. Click on a category, like Fiber Wearable, and then click on an image by an artist. You get a little information plus a link to the artist's website.

Bonnie Inouye (I did the ACC Baltimore Winter Market show in 1993.)