Has anyone used an Ashford Sampleit loom for making samples (testing the sett and/or color)? I have a large floor loom and thinking it might be nice to have something that's quick and easy to warp up and weave for small samples. Thanks! Kathryn



Be aware that the sett of a very small sample will not necessarily be good for scaling up - if you sample a (say) 4" warp, but intend the real piece to be (say) 50", the sett in the real piece will probably be too tight. (One rule of thumb is that the big piece should be some 10% less - calculate for another sample of the real width, might be very short).

The results also can vary with the loom type: a table loom (IME (xperience)) will be harder to beat on - which may, perhaps, compensate for the harder "floor loom beat" needed to scale up a floor loom sample from 4 to 50"...

(to properly answer your actual question: no, I don't even know what an Ashford Sampleit is.)

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