Hi, I have the nylon cord attaching my apron bars to the main beams. I find it a challenge to keep the apron bars even with this setup when warping my loom. My loom is gently used. I am not clear if a new Mighty Wolf still has this, or they now have texsolve cord. Have any of you installed texsolve cord or have this loom with it already installed. I would love to see photos. I am a visual learner and would like to see this set up before I start cutting my texsovl cord. I did email the Schacht company for some advice, but I received no response. Many thanks, Barbara


Barbara Moore

I checked Ravelry after seeing no responses to this inquiry.  I was fortunate to locate the information at the following link https://www.interweave.com/article/weaving/using-texsolv-cords-on-apron-rods/.  I also understand that Lunatic Fringe sells a Beam Me Up Scottie kit with the cords precut for this effort.



Marjorie Erickson (not verified)

I took some pictures of how I changed my loom for a student when she wanted to change out the cords on her Wolf. If I can figure out how to attach them to this I will, otherwise PM me and I'll send them to you.....................


I installed a set of beam me ups from Lunatic Fringe on my mighty wolf about 6 months ago.  They perform better than the original cord, but still its not perfect.  However, my problems might be attributable to user error - for me, the slip knot on the beam itself tends to move, causing the length to vary by up to ~1/2 an inch.  Maybe someone else has solved this problem?

edited to add - its too bad that the image attachment is still not fixed.

Marjorie Erickson (not verified)

I wasn't able to figure out how to attach pictures to Weavolution posts, but if you want to PM me, I can send you the photos I have via regular email..............
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