I have a really nice LeClerc rigid heddle loom.  I like its portability, the steel ratchet brakes, the way I can put a nice, long warp on it.   I would, however, like the option of adding a second heddle on occasion.  I am not a woodworker, but I think I can get someone nearby to make a second castle for me pretty easily, and I assume I can bolt it to the horizontal frame, behind the existing castle and horizontal stretcher, without weakening that frame.

But I don't know if the overall depth of the loom (17" from outside of breast beam to outside of back beam) will make this actually unworkable.  Will I be able to get clean sheds?  Will I realistically be able to thread the two heddles? Are there other things I should take into account before modifying this loom?  What are your thoughts and your experiences?

LeClerc RH loom, side view



They do make a heddle block kit for the LeClerc that is for a 2nd heddle. I used search words 'leclerc rigid heddle kit'

Also if you are going to use it to make Plain Weave wider or a closer sett, and not to make patterns, you can rubber band the 2 heddles together. See article by Syne Mitchell> http://www.weavezine.com/content/knitters-loom-second-heddle-kit.html

I have a 16" Kromski and have been tempted by the double heddle option also. So far, I have kept myself busy learning what I can do with one heddle.

Peg.Cherre (not verified)

Why did I never do that search???  I am going to call The Woolery and order one.  Today!

Thanks, 10ashus!


I need to warn you its a rabbit hole!  I have modified my Schacht standard to be a standing/walking loom, extended the treadles, moved it up higher (in a precarious way), and I keep imagining additional fixes.  With that loom, I think I like loom tinkering more than I like the weaving. 

It sounds like you have a great plan.  Have fun and keep us updated.


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