Of course I am asking this right as everyone has left for convergence Embarassed Have an opportunity to purchase older Ideal, 80cm weave width, 4 shaft 6 treadle, I plan to use it with drall pulleys initially so I only need 2 extra treadles,  I have extra shaft bars and upper lams so that is not a problem.  First, the loom only has space for the 6 treadles - can I add 2 more and if so, does Glimaka have the treadle blocks that go between?

Second, I would like to add a countermarch to it at some point for versatility and resale value, I would have to cut one down a little to fit.  Lastly I would like to hear from others with the more petite version of the Ideal regarding breast beam height.

Hoping others have upgraded this older loom and can shed some light.

Thank you in advance




Greta G

I just recently bought an Ideal loom, 100 cm, counterbalance, 4 shafts and 6 treadles, and was just wandering in the regard to upgrade it to countermarch. I do know it is no longer available. I have not yet set it up, it is still in pieces in the garage, and has to be there until December.

Mine is an older versions, as the height to the breast beam is about 84 cm, and I was wandering if it would be to small for me? - but I have to see.

I am sorry Dawn, placing this question in your thread, that has no answer, and sorry I can not answer you, as I have the same questions.


about parts for the Ideal, but I have recently gotten a 110 cm Standard which is not made anymore and Vävstuga has been able to get the parts I need for the loom to become a 10/10.  This loom already had the spacers and treadle rod in place for 10 shafts so I new it could be done.  I had read that some of the older models were only designed for 6 or 8 treadles and when you add more, you start having space issues.  Joanne Hall has a lot of information on older Glimåkra looms, she should be able to answer your questions. 

Greta G

Yes, I have already placed the question on the Glimakra forum. But I am in no hurry, so I just have to see how this turns out.

The Ideal, has four shafts and six treadles, and set up as counterbalance.

Sorry Theresasc, perhaps your were answering Dawn, sorry for that (I think the world only turns around me ;-)


Dawn McCarthy

Greta, I ended up getting a 100cm Ideal with Countermarch, however I did discover that Glimakra no longer has parts for certain size Ideals.  I do believe thought that 100cm parts may still be available that are somewhat similar/interchangeable with the Julia or Standard.  I am sure you will be able to get a countermarch set up.  Glimakra USA and Vavstuga are very helpful.  Also if you want more than 4 you can get drall pulleys for balanced weaves.


Greta G

and concratz on your loom.

yes I am sure I will figure something out.

best regards



Joanne Hall

Outside the US, contact Glimakra directly and ask if they have the countermarch in stock or if they can make one.  The website is gavglimakra.com

In the US or Canada, write to Sarah:

[email protected]

She can tell you if there is one in stock.


Greta G

Yes, I had that in mind to contact Glimakre Sweden and ask them, as I did when buying the contramarch for may Bergå loom.

thank you

best regards


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