I have a Wolf Pup LT and am shopping for a larger loom.  I am considering the Mighty Wolf and the Schacht Standard Floor Loom.   I'm wanting to weave fabric yardage and a few baby blankets so the 36 inch seems to be a good width for those types of projects. The standard floor loom does come in a 46 inch weaving width, but I'm wondering if that would be useful or just take up more space. I am a petite person and was also concerned that reaching to throw the shuttle on the 46 inch loom might be a little uncomfortable for me and not something I would want to use the full width of often.  Unfortunately where I live there are no guilds or shops to go see these looms in person.  I really enjoy weaving on my Wolf Pup and assume that the treadling and everything would be about the same on the Standard Floor Loom.   The portability and stroller option for the mighty wolf is not important to me. I did notice that I didn't see an option for a trap as an accessory to the standard floor loom and that is a nice feature when using two shuttles.   So my questions are, what are the differences between the two looms and would you recommend one over the other?   Also opinions on weaving width would be appreciated. Thanks for your help!



Since you don't need to have a loom to travel with, I would opt for the floor loom. Width doesn't matter, but if you ever would want to do a rug or two, the floor loom is better suited for that. Schacht makes a great product and their customer service is exceptional. 


The treadling may be much different on a larger jack loom.  You are lifting the shafts with your muscles.  Going from ~20" to 36 or 40+ inches bring the added weight of the shafts and the heddles.  This will be a lot more weight to raise.  If you are young, this probably won't be a problem.  As you age, this may change.  Jack looms are very popular in the US because they are cheaper to build, and be made in a very compact footprint, and are easy to make  to fold.  If you are looking for a long term commitment to a loom, and want a larger one, I suggest looking into a countermarche loom.  They are more complicated to tie up, but are much more versatile and easier on the body.

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