i have tried repeatedly to get someone to call me back from Fireside  regarding making a new apron for my cantilever loom.  Do you know of anyone besides this company that makes custom aprons?



Hi EweniqueDesigns,

no i don't. But if you have the old apron or can draw a pattern , a local seamstress/ tailor should be able to do this for you with the cloth you provide.

hope this helps,  Cathie


Hope you can find someone to make you a new apron. Another possible idea would be to contact a weaver's guild in your area about folks who build parts and repair looms. Aprons would be a 'part' in my opinion since they are a working part of most modern day looms.

Fireside Cantilever looms are gorgeous! They are my "dream loom". I always think, "One day I will be weaving on one of these beauties."

tommye scanlin

There may be a size among the aprons at the Leclerc site.

tommye scanlin

Here's a link to the Leclerc catalog http://www.leclerclooms.com/cat2014a.htm.  I don't know the size of your Fireside loom but there are aprons of various sizes, including 36" and 45" ones, listed.  They would not have the gromets like the Fireside loom's apron but would have slits every 2", I believe it is.  If I needed a new apron for my Fireside, this would be the way I'd go, I think. 


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