Hope everyone has a good holiday.  I've been avoiding the AVL for several days as I get used to my new glasses.  I think it's time to get back to that and worry away at it. 

The warp is set up for Diversivied Plain Weave - two warps, two wefts.  Slower weaving than I usually do, but the cloth is turning out nicely and I'm using up a heap of rayon chenille.  :)

What's everyone else working on?



more info on my blog posts from last week http://laurasloom.blogspot.com


doreenmacl (not verified)

I am desperately trying to weave off my ideas for the Paper Challenge to send into our exhibit (www.gibsonslandingfibrearts.com) Deadline is July 15 so I must get back to it! I have been distracted by visiting daughter and grand-daughter but they are out at the moment- no time to waste!

indigomoon (not verified)

Could you explain a bit about the Diversified Plain Weave you are working on?




Hi Trish,


I blogged about it while I was working on it - http://laurasloom.blogspot.com

Click on Diversified Plain Weave.


Finally got them wet finished and I'm really pleased with the afghans.  But they are a lot of work to set up for 60" weaving so I think I'll maybe work on the idea for scarves for next year. 

Still have a ton of rayon chenille to use up!  ;)



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