I am teaching at a senior center that has a weaving room.   We are in Seattle and have several Murphy Looms.   The brake cable has broken on one of them and another looks ready to go.   Any ideas for a fix that would be better than the orginal electrical cable that was used on them?   We have a long warp on the one that is broken. 




If you mean that the cable that goes around the brake drum to provide friction, the best material that I have found is a section of heavy, flat electrical cord.  It grips well, releases well, doesn't rust, is easy to work with and easy to get.  Not the type of wire that is used for wiring in walls, but a flat extension cord (more flexible).

CaroleB (not verified)

Yes.   That is it.  We will give it a try.



So i just purchased  a loom that is not marked in any way. It is a folding loom And has characteristics of a Murphy or Allen loom. Is there any information you can share about these looms and is there anyone in the area who can help me get it in working condition? Thank you :)

CaroleB (not verified)

I am also trying to find the history of the Murphy and Allen Looms.   Right now I know very little except that they have a plate that claims they were made in Seattle.  I will let you know if I find anything.



Hi, I also have a Murphy loom, though it no longer has a plate. The man from whom I purchased it says his wife got it from her Aunt who lived in the Seattle area her whole life. If anyone has photos or schematics of the original brake system I would love to see. Thanks!


I am not familiar with Murphy looms, but many manufacturers used Leclerc hardware.  Camilla Valley Farm sells Leclerc looms and parts, and has the schematics for Leclerc looms, which show brake systems.  This might help.